During a busy day, pause what you are doing and look around. 

Visualize a clear sky, fluffy clouds, and a warm cup of coffee. 

Our unique cushioned handbag was designed to give you comfort and warmth.

Take a break from your hectic life.  The Pause & Break tote will help you kick back.

What is Pause & Break?

The brand name Pause&Break came from the Pause / Break button on the keyboard.

Unlike the stop button, which brings programs to a halt, the word pause means to restart. We hope that our innovative air-cushioned inflatable handbag will help you take a little break from the stresses of your ordinary life. 

When life hits you hard, blow into the mouthpiece, and the bag will inflate.  

One minute this product looks like a normal tote bag.  The next minute it's a cushion.